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Stories from our members on Remembrance Day

1) Edward told us about his Grandad, Leslie Ivey, who was a pilot in the Second World War. He in his twenties when we went to war, and was a squadron leader in the RAF.

Here we have a picture of him and the plane he flew.

2) Volunteer Jan spoke of her Grandad, Frank Weller, who was just 18 years old when he joined the navy as a telegrapher. This is a photo of him, along with a newspaper from 9th June, 1944!

3) Martin brought in lots of memorabilia to show us and shared his Grandad's story. His name was Hugh Smyth and he served in the RAF between 1944 and 1947. He was in the Air Command in many countries in SE Asia and his medals include a 39/49 star, the Burma Star and George V1 service medal.

Martin also has his war record, his badge and tie!

This is Martin and his sister with their Grandad.

Some more photos:

Thank you all for sharing your fascinating stories with us, we do appreciate it.

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