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Sarah's story - 17 years at TK MAXX

Sarah recently celebrated 17 years of working at TK MAXX store in Reading.

Sarah started working at TK MAXX after she did some work experience as part of a course on how to get a job. The manager at the time, Spencer, was impressed by what he saw and offered Sarah a weekend job. Her job is to keep the shop tidy, clear the fitting rooms, put out new stock and collect returned items from the service desk and put back out for sale.

Sarah likes to keep busy and she’s certainly that when’s she’s at work. On her feet all day, comfy shoes are a must!

Getting to and from work at the weekend has been challenging, the bus to town doesn’t start running until 11:00 on a Saturday, Sarah starts work at 9:00am and getting home in the evening, Sarah finishes at 6:00pm is also not possible by bus. Thankfully Sarah’s job coach at Optalis Employment Services has helped her be part of the Access To Work scheme so she can continue to do a job she really enjoys.

 As Sarah says ‘I like to be busy, doing something useful and meeting people. I have made friends and I feel like my manager really cares and values me as a member of her team.’





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