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Thomas loves his job!

Sarah has told us about working at TK MAXX, now we hear from Thomas about his experience of working full time for Wickes.

Thomas started working at Wickes, Winnersh, nearly 2 years ago. He was searching for a full-time job and found the vacancy for a Customer Assistant at Wickes advertised on a job site. After applying online and an interview with the store manager he was offered the job there and then!

Thomas works full time, which is 9:00am to 5:30pm 5 days a week. He has 2 days off every week. Not working Friday or Sunday allows Thomas to spend time with family and his friends at CLASP. Thomas was an LDPB Champion but had to step down when he got his job at Wickes. Now he is a CLASP Trustee, a role he can do alongside his job.

Time goes quickly at work as Thomas does lots of different things, including working on the tills, stock filling, helping customers and Click and Collect. Working on the shop floor with lots of heavy goods and equipment means wearing safety shoes and high visibility work wear, a health and safety requirement.

Last year a customer recommended Thomas for providing good service and he was rewarded with an Amazon gift card. Good job Thomas!

Thomas loves his job, there are no negatives, and he feels the biggest sense of achievement every time he sees his pay go into his bank account. He really likes the light-hearted relationship he has with his workmates and his manager is very supportive.

Working full time isn’t always easy but as Thomas says ‘I couldn’t ask for more. The sense of purpose it gives me is the best bit of all.’

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