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Take Notice

WHERE:  Bradbury Community Centre, Rose Street, Wokingham
WHEN:  Every Friday from 10am to 12 noon

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Take Notice is our campaigning group for CLASP members only.

The group started in 2000 and works hard to make things better for people with learning disabilities within the local area.

  • One of the first campaigns we worked on was called Travel Wise. The aim of the campaign
    was to help people with learning disabilities stay safe and be more independent when out and about. The group looked at things like the problems people have with public transport and crossing busy roads around Wokingham. They also worked with PCSO Vicki Williams from Thames Valley Police to produce a Travel Wise booklet. This is a top tips guide about staying safe when out and about and using public transport. If you would like a paper copy or copies for your group, please get in touch. Read our Travel Wise booklet here.

  • We have done a lot of work around raising awareness of Hate Crime. We have done
    workshops and presentations and worked with Thames Valley Police to produce a hate crime awareness video. Watch the video here.

  • We worked with Wokingham library and Wokingham train station to produce easy read booklets on how to access Wokingham library and Wokingham train station.                                      Read the library booklet here and the train station booklet here.

  • Wokingham Borough Council regularly consult with CLASP on new policies and strategies, meaning that CLASP members get to have their voice heard and improve the lives of people with disabilities living within the borough.

If you think it is important to speak up for your rights and help to create positive change in the community – Why don’t you join Take Notice?

Read what our members think about the group here.

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