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Celebrating Learning Disability Week!

This month saw us celebrate Learning Disability Week. The theme this year was ‘Do you see me?’ and in keeping with the theme we kick started a series of events with the Choir singing in Peach Place on the Friday before. The Choir as always had a good time and those out and about in Peach Place did too, generously putting nearly £100 in the CLASP collection bucket. Well done everyone!

As Squires Garden Centre Charity of the year Squires supported us in Learning Disability Week by selling beautiful potted plant pots created by our Gardening Club Members the previous week, all proceeds to CLASP, and showing a CLASP display board in the Café.

The Learning Disability Partnership Board and partners also had activities for Learning Disability Week. CLASP were on the Health Bus in Bracknell on Monday and Promise Inclusion ran a Carers forum and group walk and picnic.

Coffee Shop this week was a collaborative craft session with members creating figures in their own likeness, ‘mini-me’s’ and describing themselves in a few words. Lots of fun was had and there were some very imaginative and fun ‘mini-me’s’. A lot of the words the members chose to describe themselves were what CLASP is all about, here are just a few.

There were of course our usual other activities, including the Sedero Lounge Wednesday night drop-in, Thursday’s Active session and Gardening Club. All of which support the theme of being seen. 

This year is Olympic Year and Wokingham Leisure Centre, who run our weekly Happy and Healthy session, arranged a mini-Olympics on Wednesday. It was enormous fun, and everyone received a medal and certificate for participating. Thank you to all the team at Wokingham Leisure Centre, particularly to Evie for organising the event and Brad for running the CLASP Olympics.

As a final celebration for Learning Disability Week CLASP members, staff and volunteers got together for some bowling at the Wokingham Superbowl followed by a picnic and games in the sunshine on Elms Field. The wonderful creative mini-me’s, in keeping with the theme of the week, were displayed on the event shelter (thank you to Ollie Young Foundation for lending it to us) and were imaginative, colourful and eye catching.

The new Wokingham Town Council Mayor, Cllr Rob Comber, stopped by to chat with us and take an interest in CLASP and what we do. It was lovely to meet him, and we hope to see him again soon at one of our Take Notice sessions.

It was an amazing week giving the members opportunities to be seen, heard and valued, something that CLASP aim to do every week!

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