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Terri Lazzari

LDPB Champion

I started my career in the private sector, originally in hospitality before moving into childcare and care homes. I was based nationally and grew disillusioned both with the frequent travel and the focus on profit rather than quality of care. I wanted to do something more fulfilling and the opportunity came to join Treloar’s, in Alton, a school and college for severely disabled young people. Here I was introduced to Makaton, a language programme combining signs, symbols and speech used by people with learning disabilities, a charity which I later moved to and led as acting CEO.
I am now CEO of Support Horizons, a Community Interest Company who support adults with learning disabilities to live the lives they choose. I am passionate about the rights of disabled children and adults so am delighted to also be part of the WLDPB as I believe that it is essential that there is a shared voice representing the local LD community. By acting with a united voice we can more effectively influence improvements to the provision available for those with learning disabilities, their carers and those who support them.
Outside work my passion is travel and I always have to have an adventure to look forward to, when not travelling or planning trips I love the theatre and sharing good food with friends and family.

Terri Lazzari
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