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Philip Pearce

Listen to Us Trainer

“I have been a member of CLASP since August 2008 and also a member since then of the old Partnership Board. I am now a Listen to Us Trainer and a member of Take Notice – our campaigning group.
I help in the Coffee Shop on Tuesdays and I like to get people involved in CLASP .
I had a job with the CLASP Safer Places Scheme in 2010 and helped roll it out.
In 2019, I helped organise our first CLASP Talent Show!
I really enjoy CLASP as it helps me to speak up and helps my speech improve. I have lots of good ideas to contribute. I enjoy being part of the our choir too.
I was born in South Africa.
I am a big Harry Potter fan and love going to the cinema and playing bowling.”

Philip Pearce
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