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David Chaffe

LDPB Champion/Trustee

“I have been a member of CLASP since it started, 15 years ago in October 2005.
I also helped set the charity up.
I have a very busy role as a trustee and as a Learning Disability Partnership Board Champion.
I enjoy Take Notice as we can make a difference and speak up for lots of people in Wokingham.
In March 2002, I received a recognition award for my Work with the Social Services from the PM and Mrs Blair. I attended a reception at 10 Downing Street. This was for my work speaking up and supporting others. It made me very proud.
I work at a Day Service in Wokingham called The Acorn Centre, where I serve tea and coffee in the cafe which I really enjoy.
In my spare time I like bowling, supporting Reading FC and going to lots of the games.
I like watching all sports on the television.
I live independently with support from my carers.”

David Chaffe
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